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List of Residential Care facilities that participate in the Assisted Living Waiver Program

This file is a list of Assisted Living Waiver Program participating facilities, scraped from a PDF file.

The program website describes the program as: "The ALWP is designed to assist Medi-Cal beneficiaries to remain in their community as an alternative to residing in a licensed health care facility. The program provides specified benefits to eligible seniors and persons with disabilities. Medi-Cal reimburses for the services provided to residents enrolled in the ALW, however, the resident is responsible to pay for their own room and board. For 2017, for those with SSI income of $1,158.37, room and board is $1,026.37 and those with income of $1,178.37 or greater, room and board is $1,046.37. "


This file is scraped from a PDF using Tabula so it may have conversion errors.

The original file referenced facilities by their name, not their facility number. The facility number is added to the list by matching facilities with the main RCFE list ( Metatab package: ) first by address, then by name. There are many opportunities for errors in this matching, including that there are multiple cases where more than one facility has the same address.

Because of these possibilities for error, this file should be used only for statistical analysis. It should not be used to determine if a specific facility has an assisted living waiver.


  • This file contains data scraped from a PDF, so it is not automatically updated every time the package is re-built.

Documentation Links

Program Homepage :

Program Fact Sheet : A short PDF document that describes the program


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