San Diego County Parcels

Parcels, linked to communities and groups by land use. (more...)

San Diego County parcels, from the shape files, with improved data structure.


The Images zip file includes raster maps, two for each incorporated city, with the Assessor's tax zone -- from the asr_zone field in the original SANGIS files -- assigned to 10m square cells. Since there are no parcels for roads and other areas, there are two versions of each image. The '-base' version is rasterized directly from the parcels, and has no data over roads and other areas that have an asr_zone of 0. The '-infill' version fills in cells that have a value of 0 in the '-base' version with the value of the nearest non-zero cell. These files are particularly useful for use with point data that is assigned to streets, where there otherwise would be no values.

City, District and Community Codes

In the source datasets ( not included in the repository, but available in the the databundle library ) Four of the fields use custom codes to identify geographic regions:

  • neighborhood/nbrhood
  • community
  • council
  • city

These fields use Clarinova Place Codes, 6 character codes that are designed to be memorable and unambiguous. See the place codes Google spreadsheet for a list all of the codes.


Name of file, extracted from San Diego Regional Data Library. 2013-07-18


This data is released under the following terms and conditions. See the SDRDL Disclaimers and Limitations web page for complete details.

This data is based on data from SANGIS, which is subject to its own terms and conditions. See the SANGIS Legal Notice for details.

This data is based on data from SANDAG, which is subject to its own terms and conditions. See the SANDAG Legal Notice for details.

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