California Unemployment

California Unemployment Last Update: 2019-01-03T22:56:36

BLS employment measures for California

This file is a conversion of the BLS Local Area Unemployment (LAUS) file for California. The conversion breaks out parts of the series_id code, and includes a Census ACS geoid for most areas.

Measure Codes

The measure_code value indicates the type of measure:

measure_code    measure_text
03              unemployment rate
04              unemployment
05              employment
06              labor force

Local Area Unemployment Statistics Series Identifier

The following is a sample format description of the Local Area Unemployment Statistics' series identifier:

                      1         2
Series ID    LAUCN281070000000003
Positions    Value            Field Name
1-2          LA               Prefix
3            U                [Seasonal Adjustment Code](
4-18         CN2810700000000  [Area Code](
19-20        03               [Measure Code]( )

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