Fashion Valley Stream Discharge Rates Last Modified: 2018-08-09 15:00

Stream discharge rates for the Fashion Valley station on the San Diego river, from 1988 on

Water discharge rates for San Diego River at Fashion Valley

Original Notice

The data file includes this comment header:

# ---------------------------------- WARNING ----------------------------------------
# Some of the data that you have obtained from this U.S. Geological Survey database may not 
# have received Director's approval.  Any such data values are qualified as provisional and 
# are subject to revision.  Provisional data are released on the condition that neither the 
# USGS nor the United States Government may be held liable for any damages resulting from its use.
#  Go to for more information.
# File-format description:
# Automated-retrieval info:
# Contact:
# retrieved: 2018-07-24 15:45:47 -04:00 (natwebcaas01)
# Data for the following 1 site(s) are contained in this file
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# TS_ID - An internal number representing a time series.
# IV_TS_ID - An internal number representing the Instantaneous Value time series from which the daily statistic is calculated.
# Data provided for site 11023000
#    TS_ID       Parameter    Statistic  IV_TS_ID       Description
#    7745        00060        00003      14023          Discharge, cubic feet per second (Mean)
# Data-value qualification codes included in this output:
#     A  Approved for publication -- Processing and review completed.
#     e  Value has been estimated.
#     P  Provisional data subject to revision.

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Data access page : Web page with links to graphs and downloads

URL Generation : USGS Daily Values Web Service URL Generation Tool


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