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  • US County Boundaries

    census.gov-counties-2017-2 Last Modified: 2018-08-09 14:59 US county boundaries 500k resolution. Declare,metatab-latest Title,US County Boundaries Description,US county...
  • SANGIS Census Regions

    sangis.org-census_regions-2010-sandiego-4 San Diego county Tracts, MSAs and SRAs, based on 2010 Census boundaries, as extracted by SANGIS. Documentation Links Tracts, SRAs and...
  • Capital Improvement Projects

    San Diego's Capital Improvement Projects are unique construction projects that provide improvements or additions such as land, buildings, and infrastructure.
  • San Diego Street Lamp Locations

    San Diego Street Lamps Street lamp locations, derived from SANGIS data. Note that the source file was last updated in June 2008, and there have been a few Street lamp-related...
  • San Diego County Parcels

    Parcels, linked to communities and groups by land use. (more...) San Diego County parcels, from the SANGIS.org shape files, with improved data structure. Images The Images zip...
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