Urban Planning

Combined Package

This is the simplest package to use, as it combined many of the most important data files into a single package.

Tract-based Planning

This datasets have a wide variety of indicators, for demographic and environmental factors, for Census tracts in San Diego County.

  • County Planning Database. A collection of data for demographics and housing from the Census planning database. Files are broken into counties, for San Diego and Los Angeles.
  • California Healthy Places Index. The HPI provides overall scores and more detailed data on specific policy action areas that shape health, like housing, transportation, education and more.


CityIQ Smart Street Lamps

San Diego has the world’s largest deployment of smart street lamps, which can count pedestrians, traffic and parking. These datasets compile about 400GB of raw events, collected form the system since August 2018, into more compact tabular data.

Geography and Built Environment

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