Annual Survey of School System Finances

Education finance data include revenues, expenditures, debt, and assets (cash and security holdings) of elementary and secondary public school systems. Statistics cover school systems in all states, and include the District of Columbia. Modified 2022-07-17T13:01:02

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Data Dictionary



Column NameData TypeDescription
stateintegerState Identification Number
idcensusintegerSchool System Identification Number1
namestringSchool System Name
conumintegerANSI State and County Code1
csastringConsolidated Statistical Area1
cbsastringCore-Based Statistical Area1
schlevintegerSchool Level Code1
ncesidintegerNCES ID Code1
yrdataintegerYear of Data
v33integerFall Membership
tfedrevintegerTotal Revenue from Federal Sources
c14integerFederal revenue through the state – Title I
c15integerFederal revenue through the state – IDEA, Part B, Sections 611 and 619 – Special Education Grants to States and Preschool Grants
c19integerFederal revenue through the state – Career and technical education
c22integerFederal revenue through the state – Title II, Part A – Supporting Effective Instruction
c23integerFederal revenue through the state – Title IV, Part A, Subpart 1, Section 4105 – Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants
c26integerFederal revenue through the state – Title IV, Part B – 21st Century Community Learning Centers
c27integerFederal revenue through the state – Title V, Part B, Subpart 2 – Rural and Low-Income School Program
b11integerFederal revenue through the state – Title III, Part A – English Language Acquisition State Grants
c20integerFederal revenue through the state – All other
c25integerFederal revenue through the state – School meal programs – Child Nutrition Act
c36integerFederal revenue – Nonspecified
b10integerDirect federal revenue – Title VII – Impact Aid
b12integerDirect federal revenue – Title VI – Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native Education
b14integerDirect federal revenue – Title V, Part B, Subpart 1 – Small, Rural School Achievement Program
b13integerDirect federal revenue – All other
tstrevintegerTotal Revenue from State Sources
c01integerGeneral formula assistance
c04integerStaff improvement programs
c05integerSpecial education programs
c06integerCompensatory and basic skills attainment programs
c07integerBilingual education programs
c08integerGifted and talented programs
c09integerCareer and technical education programs
c10integerSchool meal programs
c11integerCapital outlay and debt service programs
c12integerTransportation programs
c13integerAll other revenues from state sources
c24integerCensus state, NCES local revenue
c35integerState revenue – Nonspecified
c38integerState payments on behalf – Benefits
c39integerState payments on behalf – Nonbenefits
tlocrevintegerTotal Revenue from Local Sources
t02integerParent government contributions
t06integerProperty taxes
t09integerGeneral sales or gross receipts taxes
t15integerPublic utility taxes
t40integerIndividual and corporate income taxes
t99integerAll other taxes
d11integerRevenue from other school systems
d23integerRevenue from cities and counties
a07integerTuition fees from pupils, parents, and other private sources
a08integerTransportation fees from pupils, parents, and other private sources
a09integerSchool lunch revenues
a11integerTextbook sales and rentals
a13integerDistrict activity receipts
a15integerStudent fees, nonspecified
a20integerOther sales and service revenues
a40integerRents and royalties
u11integerSale of property
u22integerInterest earnings
u30integerFines and forfeits
u50integerPrivate contributions
u97integerMiscellaneous other local revenues
e13integerCurrent operation expenditure – Instruction
j13integerState payments on behalf – Instruction benefits
j12integerOwn retirement system transfer – Instruction
j14integerState payments on behalf – Instruction nonbenefits
v91integerExhibit – Payments to private schools
v92integerExhibit – Payments to charter schools
e17integerCurrent operation expenditure – Pupil support
e07integerCurrent operation expenditure – Instructional staff support
e08integerCurrent operation expenditure – General administration
e09integerCurrent operation expenditure – School administration
v40integerCurrent operation expenditure – Operation and maintenance of plant
v45integerCurrent operation expenditure – Student transportation
v90integerCurrent operation expenditure – Business/central/other support services
v85integerCurrent operation expenditure – Nonspecified support services
j17integerState payments on behalf – Pupil support benefits
j07integerState payments on behalf – Instructional staff support benefits
j08integerState payments on behalf – General administration benefits
j09integerState payments on behalf – School administration benefits
j40integerState payments on behalf – Operation and maintenance of plant benefits
j45integerState payments on behalf – Student transportation benefits
j90integerState payments on behalf – Business/central/other support services benefits
j11integerOwn retirement system transfer – Support services
j96integerState payments on behalf – Support services, nonbenefits
e11integerCurrent operation expenditure – Food services
v60integerCurrent operation expenditure – Enterprise operations
v65integerCurrent operation expenditure – Other elementary-secondary programs
j10integerState payments on behalf – Other benefits
j97integerState payments on behalf – Noninstructional and nonbenefits
v70integerCurrent operation expenditure – Community services
v75integerCurrent operation expenditure – Adult education
v80integerCurrent operation expenditure – Other nonelementary-secondary programs
j98integerState payments on behalf – Nonelementary-secondary programs
g15integerPurchase of land and existing structures
k09integerInstructional equipment
k10integerOther equipment
k11integerNonspecified equipment
j99integerState payments on behalf – Capital outlay
l12integerPayments to state governments
m12integerPayments to local governments
q11integerPayments to other school systems
i86integerInterest on school system debt
z32integerTotal salaries and wages
z33integerTotal salaries and wages – Instruction
v11integerTotal salaries and wages – Pupil support
v13integerTotal salaries and wages – Instructional staff support
v15integerTotal salaries and wages – General administration
v17integerTotal salaries and wages – School administration
v21integerTotal salaries and wages – Operation and maintenance of plant
v23integerTotal salaries and wages – Student transportation
v37integerTotal salaries and wages – Business/central/other support services
v29integerTotal salaries and wages – Food services
z34integerTotal employee benefit payments
v10integerTotal employee benefit payments – Instruction
v12integerTotal employee benefit payments – Pupil support
v14integerTotal employee benefit payments – Instructional staff
v16integerTotal employee benefit payments – General administration
v18integerTotal employee benefit payments – School administration
v22integerTotal employee benefit payments – Operation and maintenance of plant
v24integerTotal employee benefit payments – Student transportation
v38integerTotal employee benefit payments – Business/central/other support services
v30integerTotal employee benefit payments – Food services
v32integerTotal employee benefit payments – Enterprise operations
_19hintegerLong-term debt outstanding at beginning of the fiscal year
_21fintegerLong-term debt issued during the fiscal year
_31fintegerLong-term debt retired during the fiscal year
_41fintegerLong-term debt outstanding at end of fiscal year
_61vintegerShort-term debt outstanding at beginning of the fiscal year
_66vintegerShort-term debt outstanding at end of the fiscal year
w01integerCash and deposits, held at end of fiscal year – Debt service funds
w31integerCash and deposits, held at end of fiscal year – Bond funds
w61integerCash and deposits, held at end of fiscal year – Other funds
ar1integerCARES Act Funds – Revenue – Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund
ar2integerCARES Act Funds – Revenue – Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund
ar3integerCARES Act Funds – Revenue – Education Stabilization Fund – Reimagine Workforce Preparation (ESF-RWP) Discretionary Grant
ar4integerCARES Act Funds – Revenue – Education Stabilization Fund – Rethink K-12 Education Models (ESF-REM) Discretionary Grant
ar5integerCARES Act Funds – Revenue – Project School Emergency Response to Violence (Project SERV)
ar6integerCARES Act Funds – Revenue – Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF)
ae1integerCARES Act Funds – Expenditure – Current spending
ae2integerCARES Act Funds – Expenditure – Instructional
ae3integerCARES Act Funds – Expenditure – Support services
ae4integerCARES Act Funds – Expenditure – Capital outlay
ae5integerCARES Act Funds – Expenditure – Technology-related supplies and purchased services
ae6integerCARES Act Funds – Expenditure – Technology-related equipment


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