California Academic Performance Index, 1999 – 2012

API scores for California schools

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Compilation of multiple years of California Academic Performance Index scores into single files.

This dataset includes two files that combine multiple years of the California Academic Performance Index into single CSV files. These files have a few advantages over the oroginal data releases from The California Department of Education:

  • Multiple years of records are combined into a single file
  • Files are converted to CSV format to be useful with a wider range of software tools
  • Column names are normalized to be consistent across years
  • Data is presented in a consistent schema, with some erroneous values removed

If you do not need to analyze multiple years and can work with fixed with text or DBF files, the original, single-year source files may be more appropriate.

This data is a beta release, and has not been fully verified for fidelity with the upstream source. Use with caution.

This file and the attached schema.csv and documentation.html files describe the changes made to the original files in this compilation. See the California Department of Education website for complete documentation on the data in these datasets.



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