Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Sites, 2020

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) provides federal funding to participating child care and adult day care centers, allowing the centers to serve nutritious meals to enrolled participants Modified 2022-06-15T17:58:35

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  • cacfp_sites. CACFP sites, with location geocode and program type dummy variables


California Department of Education CACFP sites file, with extra features, include:

  • Sites geocoded to Lat/Lon and Census tract
  • The program_types field is broken out into dummy variables
  • CDS codes are matched from the CDE schools list.

CDS Code Matching

There are 5 different methods for matching sites to schools in the schools file, each with its own code:

  • fhs: Fuzzy hash string, a has string based n the address.
  • fhs_nz: The fuzzy hash strin, but without the zip code, which occasionally is wrong or changes.
  • name_city: A lightly normalized ( alpha only, lowercase, combination of the site name and the site city
  • name_county: A lightly normalized combination of the site name and county
  • mp_name: The site name and county, with each word converted to it’s metaphone.

The matching method code is included in the match_type columns. For many of the matching types there can be more than one CDS code associated with the matching string, particularly the strings based on addresses. The match_qc value is the inverse of the number of values with the same matching code, so if the algorithm selected the first of 5 CDS codes, the match_qc value is .2

Only about of the 35% of the 5076 sites are matched. The number matched for each type of matching tecchnique is:

Not Matched    3292
fhs            1602
name_city       161
name_county      19
mp_name           1
fhs_nz            1


  1. Initial version
  2. Add faked CDS codes for sites that are not schools


The source data, from the California Department of Education, does not explicitly reference a license, but since the top-level website for California indicates that data published on the State of California website is generally in the public domain, we assume it is in the public domain. Derived data included in this package is also in the public domain. Metadata in this package ( contained in the metadata.csv file ) is derived from metadata for the source package, and is also in the public domain.

Programs used for data transformation (contained in the notebooks directory), are Copyright 2021 Civic Knowledge, and are relased under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Data Dictionary



Column NameData TypeDescription
geoidstringGeoid of the Census tract that contains the site
latnumberLatitude of the site
lonnumberLongitude of the site
contacttextSite contact person name
phone_numberstringPhone number for site or site contact person.
program_typestringComma separated collection of site type strings.
adcinteger1 if the program_type includes ‘ADULT DAY CARE (ADC)’, 0 otherwise
adhinteger1 if the program_type includes ‘ADULT DAY HEALTH (ADH)’, 0 otherwise
atrinteger1 if the program_type includes ‘AT RISK SITE (ATR)’, 0 otherwise
hominteger1 if the program_type includes ‘EMERGENCY SHELTER (HOM)’, 0 otherwise
hscinteger1 if the program_type includes ‘HEAD START CENTER (HSC)’, 0 otherwise
itcinteger1 if the program_type includes ‘INFANT/TODDLER (ITC)’, 0 otherwise
otherinteger1 if the program_type includes ‘OTHER’, 0 otherwise
cccinteger1 if the program_type includes ‘PRESCHOOL AGE CENTER (CCC)’, 0 otherwise
sacinteger1 if the program_type includes ‘SCHOOL AGE CENTER (SAC)’, 0 otherwise
spsinteger1 if the program_type includes ‘STATE PRE SCHOOL CENTER (SPS)’, 0 otherwise
cdscodestringMatched CDS code
match_typestringWay the CDS code way matched: fhs, name_city, name_county, fhs_nz, mp_name
match_qcfloatThe inverse of the number of records that matched. Higher values are more definite matches


Urls used in the creation of this data package.

  • data/geocodes.csv. Externally geocoded site locations. Geocoded with
  • cacfp_sites_source. List of Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) sites
  • metapack+ California schools and districts
  • metapack+ California government codes for counties, used in CDS codes


Accessing Data in Vanilla Pandas

import pandas as pd

cacfp_sites_df =  pd.read_csv('')

Accessing Package in Metapack

import metapack as mp
pkg = mp.open_package('')

# Create Dataframes
cacfp_sites_df = pkg.resource('cacfp_sites').dataframe()