Enrollment by school

School-level enrollment by racial/ethnic designation, gender, and grade.

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  • enrollment. School enrollment, 2007 to 2021
  • race_eth. Simplified structure for race/ethnicity


Enrollment by school and demographic group for the years 2007 to 2018. The upstream dataset has enrollment data files for yearlier years, as early as 1981, but these files have a different structure.


The download page includes this note:

Note these data files contain enrollment data for primary enrollments only. 
It does not include short-term enrollments. For data on short-term enrollments, 
please refer to the Primary and Short-term Enrollment by School data files.

Some of the annual files have a Race/Ethincity code of ‘8’, which corresponds to “Multiple or No Response” in he 1998 to 2006 file structure, but is not defined for this set of files.


  1. Initial Version


The source data, from the California Department of Education, does not explicitly reference a license, but since the top-level website for California indicates that data published on the State of California website is generally in the public domain, we assume it is in the public domain. Derived data included in this package is also in the public domain. Metadata in this package ( contained in the metadata.csv file ) is derived from metadata for the source package, and is also in the public domain.

Programs used for data transformation (contained in the notebooks directory), are Copyright 2021 Civic Knowledge, and are relased under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Data Dictionary

enrollment | race_eth_07_18 | race_eth


Column NameData TypeDescription
yearintegerFile year of source data
cdscodeintegerThis 14-digit code is the official, unique identification of a school within California. The first two digits identify the county, the next five digits identify the school district, and the last seven digits identify the school.
countystringCounty name.
districtstringDistrict name.
schooltextSchool name.
ethnicintegerRacial/ethnic designation. This field is coded as follows: – Code 0 = Not reported – Code 1 = American Indian or Alaska Native, Not Hispanic – Code 2 = Asian, Not Hispanic – Code 3 = Pacific Islander, Not Hispanic – Code 4 = Filipino, Not Hispanic – Code 5 = Hispanic or Latino – Code 6 = African American, not Hispanic – Code 7 = White, not Hispanic – Code 9 = Two or More Races, Not Hispanic (See Glossary for complete definitions of the ethnic groups.)
genderstringGender. This field is a coded as follows: – M = Male – F = Female
kdgnintegerStudents enrolled in kindergarten.
gr_1integerStudents enrolled in grade one.
gr_2integerStudents enrolled in grade two.
gr_3integerStudents enrolled in grade three.
gr_4integerStudents enrolled in grade four.
gr_5integerStudents enrolled in grade five.
gr_6integerStudents enrolled in grade six.
gr_7integerStudents enrolled in grade seven.
gr_8integerStudents enrolled in grade eight.
ungr_elmintegerStudents enrolled in ungraded elementary classes in grades kindergarten through grade eight.
gr_9integerStudents enrolled in grade nine.
gr_10integerStudents enrolled in grade ten.
gr_11integerStudents enrolled in grade eleven.
gr_12integerStudents enrolled in grade twelve.
ungr_secintegerStudents enrolled in ungraded secondary classes in grades nine through twelve.
enr_totalintegerTotal school enrollment for fields Kindergarten (KDGN) through grade twelve (GR_12) plus ungraded elementary (UNGR_ELM) and ungraded secondary classes (UNGR_SEC). Adults in kindergarten through grade twelve programs are not included.
adultintegerAdults enrolled in kindergarten through grade twelve programs. This data does not include adults in independent study.


Column NameData TypeDescription
cdscodeinteger14 digit CDS code, which uniquely identifies schools
yearintegerYear of enrollment data
nanumberRace/Ethnicity not known.
aiannumberAmerican Indian or Alaska Native, Not Hispanic
asiannumberAsian, Not Hispanic
pinumberPacific Islander, Not Hispanic
filipinonumberFilipino, Not Hispanic
hispnumberHispanic or Latino
blacknumberAfrican American, not Hispanic
nh_whitenumberWhite, not Hispanic
unknumberUnknown code 8;Code 8 is “Multiple or No Response” in the 1998-2006 file structure, but is not defined for the post 2006 file structure.
two_morenumberTwo or More Races, Not Hispanic
totalnumberSum of all other columns


Column NameData TypeDescription


Urls used in the creation of this data package.


Accessing Data in Vanilla Pandas

import pandas as pd

enrollment_df =  pd.read_csv('http://library.metatab.org/cde.ca.gov-enrollment-1.2.2/data/enrollment.csv')
race_eth_df =  pd.read_csv('http://library.metatab.org/cde.ca.gov-enrollment-1.2.2/data/race_eth.csv')

Accessing Package in Metapack

import metapack as mp
pkg = mp.open_package('http://library.metatab.org/cde.ca.gov-enrollment-1.2.2.csv')

# Create Dataframes
enrollment_df = pkg.resource('enrollment').dataframe()
race_eth_df = pkg.resource('race_eth').dataframe()

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