SEZ Lights, Rings and Buffers

Sums of pixel values representing nighttime light intensit, for buffers and rings around Special Economic Zones. Modified 2021-09-13T20:27:23

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  • mean_lights. Pixel light sums for buffers and rings around the SEZ.


This dataset provides sums of the pixel values in the nighttime lights data in regions around the SEZs from the World Bank’s SEZ dataset. The buffers are a circle for a specified radius around each SEZ, and the rings have a minimum radius of the specific radius, and a maximum radius of (1+sqrt(2)) times larger, so the area of the ring for a radius is equal to the area of the buffer circle.

Here is an example of the buffer and ring for an SEZ in South Korea:

This file can be joined to the SEZ data on the unique_id column. For each SEZ and year of the NTL data, this file includes the sum of the pixel values from the NTL rasters for both the ring and the buffer, and the radius specified in the radius column. The *_count column is the number of non-null pixels in each region.

Example Analysis

See this Jupyter notebook for an example of using this file.


  • Example of a 5km buffer and the ring around it.


Data Dictionary



Column NameData TypeDescription
yearintegerYear of night time lights data
unique_idstringUnique id for the SEZ
buffer_pix_sumintegerSum of the pixel values for pixels within radius of SEZ point
buffer_pix_countintegerNumber of non-null pixels in buffer region
ring_pix_sumintegerSum of pixel values in ring area, outsize of buffer area. Area of ring is equal to area of the buffer.
ring_pix_countintegerNumber of non-null pixels in ring region
buffer_areanumberArea of buffer area in square meters
ring_areanumberArea of ring area in square meters
radiusintegerRadius of buffer circle, and inner radius of ring.


Urls used in the creation of this data package.

  • metapack+ SEZ Locations and data
  • metapack+ Harmonized Nighttime lights


Accessing Data in Vanilla Pandas

import pandas as pd

mean_lights_df =  pd.read_csv('')

Accessing Package in Metapack

import metapack as mp
pkg = mp.open_package('')

# Create Dataframes
mean_lights_df = pkg.resource('mean_lights').dataframe()