San Diego Pedestrian Counts

Counts of pedestrian traffic from the San Diego CityIQ system

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This dataset is pedestrian directions and counts for walkwaks in the San Diego CityIQ system. The package includes pedestrian counts for most walkway locations in the San Diego CityIQ system, but not all of them. The date range for the data is 1 August 2018 to the last full month before the package was built. For Version 1, then end date is 1 June 2019.

Building the Source Package

Before generating this package, you must have scraped all of the events to be included in the package. After creating a .city-iq.yaml configuration file, run:

$ ciq_events -s ped # Scrape the events
$ ciq_aggregate ped # Convert JSON to CSV

The first process ciq_events may run for several days and consume up to 300G of disk space. The second process, ciq_aggregate may run for a few hours and consume a few more gigabytes of disk space.



Accessing Packages in Metapack

import metapack as mp
# ZIP Package
pkg = mp.open_package('')
# CSV Package
pkg = mp.open_package('') 

resource = pkg.resource('resource_name') # Get a resource
df = resource.dataframe() # Create a pandas Dataframe
gdf = resource.geoframe() # Create a GeoPandas GeoDataFrame

Data Dictionary



Column NameData TypeDescription
timestampdatetimeTime of event, quantized to 15 minute intervals
locationuidstringLocationuid for the walkway
directionintegerDirection of pedestrian’s travel, in degrees. Only two values per walkway, 180 degrees apart.
speednumberSpeed of pedestrians, in meters per second
countintegerNumber of pedestrians, per locationuid, per direction.

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