Gaslamp Homeless Counts

Monthly homeless counts for the Gaslamp district in Downtown San Diego

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Since 2014, the Downtown San Diego Partnership has been conducting monthly counts of the homeless in the Downtown neighborhood. The positions of homeless sleepers are recorded on paper maps, which are compiled into a spreadsheet. The San Diego Regional Data Library is running a project to digitize these paper maps]( into geographic datasets.

This dataset covers only the Gaslamp district, from 2014-01-01 to 2018-06-28.

The data were digitized by students of Corri-Anne Burgess at Kearney Senior High as a year-end class project. The digitization procedure involved estimateing the positions of each point from a PDF scan of the each map, placing the digitized point on a map in a web form. Although the procedure is less accurate that traditional digitization points, spot checking suggests the additional digitization error is much less than the positional error of the original data collection and recording, and the result is suficient to place each point to a parcel.


Corrections made during wranging include:

  • One point for map 42 was given the incorrect date of 2019-05-26, which was corrected to 2017005-26
  • The value “individual_sleeper” was shortened to ‘ind’
  • In the rain column, the value ‘na’ was replaced with blanks.



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Data Dictionary



Column NameData TypeDescription
neighborhoodstringNeighborhood name; always ‘gaslamp’
map_idintegerMap number
typestringType of group: ‘ind’ for individuals, or ‘encampment’
countintegerNumber of homeless people in the count point
rainstringDoes the map record rain? ‘yes’, ‘no’ or blank if no record
temperaturestringTemperature in F, if recorded on the map
lonnumberLongitude of count point
latnumberLatitude of count point

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