San Diego Tides, Rain and River Flow

A combined dataset of NOAA weather reports, USGS flow rates for the Sn Diego River and NOAA tide levels for La Jolla.

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  • tides_river_rain. Combined max, min tides, San Diego river flow and daily precipitation


This package combines three other datasets for use in the water quality data ptoject:


The resulting dataset has daily values for rainfall, flow rate for the San Diego river, and the max and min tide level at La Jolla.

See the EDA Notebook for details of the structure of the data, in particular, the time coverage in the Nulls section.


  1. Initial
  2. Continued development
  3. First release
  4. Added rolling averages
  5. Changed name



Accessing Packages in Metapack

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Urls used in the creation of this data package.

  • Stream discharge rates for the San Diego River, Fashion Valley Station.
  • High and Low Ocean water levels for the La Jolla station.
  • Local climate data for San Diego

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