SANGIS Census Regions

San Diego county Tracts, MSAs and SRAs, based on 2010 Census boundaries, as extracted by SANGIS.

OrderedDict([('dataset', 'census-regions'), ('time', '2010'), ('version', '4'), ('space', 'sandiego'), ('origin', ''), ('@value', '')])

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  • tracts. 2010 Census Tract boundaries
  • msa. 2010 Metro Statistical Area boundaries
  • sra. San Diego County Sub-Regional Areas boundaries
  • zip. ZIP Code boundaries
  • tract-sra-msa-xwalk. Crosswalk between crosswalks, tracts, zip codes and SRAs.




Accessing Packages in Metapack

import metapack as mp
# ZIP Package
pkg = mp.open_package('')
# CSV Package
pkg = mp.open_package('') 

resource = pkg.resource('resource_name') # Get a resource
df = resource.dataframe() # Create a pandas Dataframe
gdf = resource.geoframe() # Create a GeoPandas GeoDataFrame

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